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Coronavirus impact silences Lotus Pond, chokes YS Sharmila’s Telangana plans

Hyderabad, May 16: The Coronavirus pandemic has slowly started to stifle political activity in Telangana. After the closure of educational educations, entertainment and hospitality establishments and sporting events, minor political parties are choking under tightening coils of the Coronavirus. All impending elections have been indefinitely postponed and the electorate is afraid of stepping out of their homes.

An ideal example of this trend is the current status of YS Sharmila’s foray into Telangana’s political arena. Despite much fanfare and hoo-hah including a fracas with the police, a deafening silence now reigns over Lotus Pond, the residence and hub of  YS Sharmila’s nascent political party, in the posh Jubilee Hills area of Hyderabad. The palatial bungalow is locked and the cadres have dispersed to their respective homes confused and unsure about their future.

Commentators and political analysts state that YS Sharmila brought the problem upon herself. The failure and neglect to follow the safety norms to contain the Covid-19 virus at Lotus Pond by the crowds and minor political bigwigs who thronged the bungalow day in and out turned the residence into a Covid-19 hotspot. The failure of YS Sharmila and her coterie to wear masks at Khammam and the agitation at Indira Park only fuelled the spread of the virus, point out analysts. This callous and reckless attitude during the second outbreak of the Coronavirus forced the cadres to temporarily abandon the YS Sharmila and preserve their lives in the confines of their homes. This also tipped the hand of the police and municipal authorities to put an end to the goings-on at Lotus Pond.

Currently, YS Sharmila criticizes the Telangana government and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on social media platforms. This has left several cadres deeply dissatisfied. They opine that Sharmila could have taken to the streets and launched several initiatives to alleviate the suffering of the people to garner political mileage to hit the TRS where it hurts.

The toll-free number at Lotus Ponds is managed by an answering machine which plays a pre-recorded message that promises to return the call. Till the cloud of Coronavirus clears, it seems YS Sharmila has no other option but to bide her time and troll the ruling party on social media platforms.


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