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Etala warns Gangula to mend his ways; cautions against crossing paths in Huzurabad

Karimnagar, May 15: Former Minister and Huzurabad legislator Etala Rajender warned minister for civil supplies Gangula Kamalakar to focus on safeguarding the lives of the people ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic instead of attempting to entice elected representatives and local TRS leaders of Huzurabad.

Etala Rajender admonished the civil supplies to follow Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s instructions of monitoring and reviewing the measures to check the spread of the Coronavirus in the districts instead of wasting time trying to coerce elected representatives of Huzurabad Assembly segment in proving their loyalty to the TRS and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao by threatening to stop the payment of bills and release of funds for the development of the villages.

Kamalakar was reminded that he had never been a part of the Telangana statehood movement and was warned that continued attempts to coerce and threaten elected representatives of Huzurabad would only backfire as the people of Huzurabad who had participated in the statehood movement through thick and thin over the past two decades were eager to teach him a fitting lesson.

Local elected representatives, people from Illandakunta mandal and supporters of Etala Rajender rushed to expressed their solidarity with the former minister at his residence at Shamirpet in Hyderabad on Saturday moved by a news-story titled: ‘Minister Gangula’s continued attempt to lure party cadres in Huzurabad irks Etala supporters’ published by Aakerunews on Friday.

During the interaction, Rajender charged that a few senior members of the TRS were harassing the people of Huzurabad which he continued to represent at the Telangana Assembly. “Like a jackal trying to attack a flock of sheep, they are trying to separate a mother and her children. This is unethical and impossible and their plans will be foiled,” he stated.

“Whatever they (Gangula) do, the people of Huzurabad, who are empowered and are filled with a sense of self-respect, will not succumb to the cheap intimidatory tactics resorted to by a few members,” he pointed out.

“The people will teach a fitting lesson to elements trying to create disturbance and division in Huzurabad which was the epicentre of the statehood movement. “It is justice and integrity that will ultimately win and not the petty tactics of the traitors,” he bellowed.


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